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A Foreing Surgeon Expert Recovered Health In Our Hospital

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25 March 2024

A Foreing Surgeon Expert Recovered Health In Our Hospital

Samer Abdulkareem, M. D., an Iraqi surgeon suffering from loss of strength in legs and difficulty in walking almost for 20 years fully recovered after a comprehensive operation carried out in our hospital. The operation was performed by our Neurosurgeon Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D., and the severely herniated cervical, dorsal and lumbar discs were corrected and our patient was healthily discharged to the home country five days after the operation. 

54 years old surgeon Abdulkaree, M.D., lives and works in Iraq and he presented to our hospital with loss of strength that occurred 20 years ago first in legs and progressive difficulty in walking. Previous three lumbar disc hernia surgeries did not help complaints and his condition ever increasingly worsened; Dr. Abdulkareem was comprehensively assessed by Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D. After being diagnosed with advanced stage cervical, dorsal and lumbar hernations in the light of examinations and investigations, Mr. Kareem, M.D. was operated on for the disseminated spinal problems and recovered fully after an 8-hour procedure. 


‘’It is important to consider the spine as a whole.’’
Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D., states that the spine should be examined in all aspects, in detail and with an integrated approach in such cases. Erdoğan added ‘’ Our patient had advanced stage herniations in C5-6 and C6-7 disc along with lumbar hernia, lumbar spinal stenosis and lumbar spondylisthesis as well as a very rate dorsal hernia at level of Th12-L1 disc. Although the patient was undergone surgeries thrice for herniated lumbar discs, his condition gradually progressed and his gait pattern deteriorated completely. First, we performed microdiscectomy and placed a cage for the cervical herniations in order to protect the spinal cord and to decompress the nerves. Next, microdiscectomy was also performed for dorsal and lumbar herniations and we stabilized the spine by driving 18 screws to both regions. Our patient started feeling better even in the first day and he walked out of the hospital five days after the surgery’’. 


‘’First, surgical safety is ensured by neuromonitoring’’ 
Expressing that herniated dorsal discs, which require surgical management, are very rare and high-risk conditions, Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D. also stated that the dorsal herniation of Dr. AbdulKareem had reached a serious level. ‘The gait problem of our patient was very serious and the ignored cervical and dorsal herniations were severely compressing the spinal cord. Moreover, lumbar problems were not eliminated and the stability of the spine was gradually lost. Therefore, we planned a very comprehensive procedure. However, our priority was, undoubtedly, surgical safety in such a major operation. So, we performed our operation under neuromonitoring and minimized the risk of intraoperative complications. Our patient was successfully treated and no problem was faced after the 8-hour surgery.’’ adds Erdoğan. “My disorders were ever increasingly progressing that were drastically decreasing quality of my life and even affecting my professional career. After I made a detailed search for my treatment, I decided to have this treatment in Turkey and acted immediately. I thank all of your staff, physicians and nurses for taking care of me excellently, but especially Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D., who operated on me successfully. I traveled to Turkey while suffering from very severe pains and difficulty in walking, but I am, now, healthy, I can walk and I return to home happy. I am grateful to my physician Hakan Erdoğan for his meticulous and devoted work.’’ stated Sameer Abdulkareem, M.D. before his discharge.

‘The purpose must be establishing the correct diagnosis and performing the appropriate procedure’’
Stating that herniations, spondylolisthesis and degenerations are among common health problems, Assist. Prof. Hakan Erdoğan, M.D., underlined that these problems should be treated before they progress to serious levels. ‘’It is important for cervical and dorsal hernations to be examined without neglecting. Correct understanding of the symptoms, careful evaluation and detailed review of imaging techniques will result in correct intervention in a timely manner’’ adds Erdoğan.

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